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Welcome to the Spiritual Acceleration VIP Tiered Membership Program!

Kick off the new year with our NEW Spiritual Acceleration VIP Tiered Membership Program!

In Bonnie’s long-anticipated VIP Membership Level program, you’ll enjoy the access to the clearings and teachings that YOU need now! Each tier will give you different levels of access to Bonnie’s teachings, past and upcoming clearings, discounted classes, and private sessions with our Accelerators!

We know that these trying times are affecting our emotions, our state of mind and also our funds. This program has been created to give you the most benefit for your budget. With each tier you will gain more access to the wisdom and knowledge Bonnie has to offer.

Take a look at the four tiers below and decide which is best for you!

Level - 1

The Starseed


  • (1) LIVE Group Energy Clearing

  • (1) Group Energy Clearings video from our members’ library vault

  • 5% Discounts on classes live or pre-recorded classes, workshops, etc.

  • Valued $65

Level - 2

Flame Bearer


  • (1) LIVE Group Energy Clearing

  • (2) Group Energy Clearings video from our members’ library vault

  • 5% Discounts on classes live or pre-recorded classes, workshops, etc.

  • Valued $100

Level - 3

Blazing Transformer


  • (2) LIVE Group Energy Clearing

  • (1) Group Energy Clearings video from our members’ library vault

  • 5% Discounts on classes live or pre-recorded classes, workshops, etc.

  • Valued $310

  • (1) 45-minute session with any of our Certified Accelerators. Please note this does not apply to sessions with Bonnie.


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Meet Bonnie

Master Tracker Bonnie Serratore has expertly charted the unseen territories of our emotional and energetic bodies for decades.

Bonnie’s journey into her own unraveling and awakening led her to develop her life long mission of imparting higher wisdom teachings and energetic modalities to humanity, with the goal of accelerating the liberation of all mankind.

This led Bonnie to open her own company to teach and assist individuals in their own awakening and evolution into the New Paradigm.

What People Say About Us

Center Your


“It will teach you how to center your emotions, be with the emotion, feel it, become it and surrender. Once you are able to clear the emotion, the reaction is totally different.”


Social Anxiety

Gone Fast!

“Within two sessions (my long-standing social anxiety) was completely gone. I can go wherever I want, do whatever I want, and it's completely liberating–completely freeing.”


Healed Shoulder Pain

+ More

“Now, it's like I can do things in a short amount of time. I'm inspired when I'm working, I'm not in that burnout state anymore - and my chronic shoulder pain is gone.”


This Work Will Change Your Life

"Once the trauma of life experiences is freed out of your energy space it opens up worlds more for you. This would be especially helpful for women who have been victimized."



How often will my subscription be billed?

The billing cycle for the membership subscription is every 30 days, from the day of purchase.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Subscriptions can be canceled anytime, before your next billing date/cycle. Please contact to have your subscription cancelled.

Please note that you will still have access to all your previous purchases in your Members Account – under "My Library > My Clearings"

How do I claim my clearings for the month?

Each month (or new billing cycle) you will have the opportunity to register or select your pre-recorded Group Energy Clearings via your Member’s account.

To access your clearings, you will need to log into your account and Navigate to My Library > scroll down and select > My Membership. Click on the clearing you would like to add to your library (which will be placed in your library under "My Library > My Clearings").

Please note that you will only see options to select clearings that are NOT already in your library.

To log into your Members’ Account, please follow the link below and enter your registered email used to create your SA Members Account.

Unclaimed Clearings or Sessions

If you forget to claim your monthly clearing, live webinar and or your session with any of our Accelerators, you will NOT be able to roll it over to the next month. In addition, Refunds will also NOT be issued for missed months.

How do I book my private session with an Accelerator?

When you sign-up for our Membership tier Level III or Level IV you are entitled to a 45-minute clearing session with any of our Certified Accelerators. Upon registration and every monthly cycle you will emailed your Coupon Code to schedule your session via our booking software Acuity Scheduling.

Please note that you will not be able to book an appointment with Bonnie Serratore. This only applies to our Certified Accelerators.

For more information on our Accelerators, please click on the link below and get to know our healers.

Missed or failed payments.

Subscriptions are automatically billed every 30 days. You will need to provide a credit card to process your monthly payments. Invoices will not be issued

If your credit payment does not successfully process, your membership subscription will be suspended and you will NOT be able to claim your monthly items. You will continue to have access to your previous paid live or Group Energy Clearings.

How does this membership subscriptions work?

SA’s new Membership program is a cost effective way to save money for those who are regular participants during our Live Group Energy Clearings and enjoy access to our past Group Energy Clearings. Upon registration, you will have access to select and register for any upcoming LIVE Group Energy Clearings with Bonnie and her team. You will also depending on your subscription have access to our Group Energy Clearings vault. In addition, you will enjoy discounts for any classes, workshops, Masterclasses, sold via our Members Site. For those who want to go deeper in their practice, you can now book monthly sessions with any of our Certified Accelerators.

How do I apply my discount & what can it be used for?

Each membership tier offers you the ability to buy any items in our Members site (classes, clearings, packages, workshops). Discounts range between 5% to 15%. Discounts are automatically applied to your shopping cart upon checkout. No need to add a coupon code.

Please note that discounts cannot be applied to private clearing sessions, nor be applied to discounted or early-bird pricing packages for workshops, training or classes.

How do I redeem my private session with a Certified Accelerator?

You will get options to book your appointment on your membership page

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