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Ever find yourself constantly worrying, just waiting for the other shoe to drop?

Can’t seem to relax and the little things seem to set you off?

Any of These Sound Familiar?

You feel reactive to life
and its challenges.

You have trouble
trusting yourself.

You seem to be stuck
in old beliefs.

You Deserve Better.

Work with someone who’s helped thousands of people find personal freedom. There's a proven framework to take you from stuck to thriving. It's called Know Thyself. Throughout the program, Bonnie Serratore guides you back to your emotions.

She will help you track and unravel old, unconscious patterns that keep you stuck in the same place. Bonnie has a clear and direct way of teaching. She doesn't beat around the bush or waste your time. This program and her style will bring you change.

Change doesn't have to be scary.


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Life is too short to spend so much of it doubting your path.

Discover how to integrate lessons and finally trust yourself.

Become empowered through hands-on demonstrations and teachings.

Learn how to embody new beliefs, instead of just thinking about them.

Unlock emotional and mental freedom from within.

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Center Your


“It will teach you how to center your emotions, be with the emotion, feel it, become it and surrender. Once you are able to clear the emotion, the reaction is totally different.”


Social Anxiety

Gone Fast!

“Within two sessions (my long-standing social anxiety) was completely gone. I can go wherever I want, do whatever I want, and it's completely liberating–completely freeing.”


Healed Shoulder Pain

+ More

“Now, it's like I can do things in a short amount of time. I'm inspired when I'm working, I'm not in that burnout state anymore - and my chronic shoulder pain is gone.”


This Work Will Change Your Life

"Once the trauma of life experiences is freed out of your energy space it opens up worlds more for you. This would be especially helpful for women who have been victimized."


Ready to know who you are and why you’re here?

You're closer than you think.

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Join Know Thyself

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Unwind from Old Emotions

Step 3

Create the Reality of Your Dreams

I'm Ready!

This program began Saturday, June 24th at 12pm EST, but it's not too late to join.

**Registration is open until August 26th with access to the first two recordings!

It consists of 9 monthly, three-hour classes held on the fourth Saturday of the month.

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Imagine going through life’s challenges with a sense of ease.

Difficulties arise but they don’t throw you off course like they once did. When you unwind the emotional wounds from this life or previous ones, you stop perpetuating the same lessons again and again.

Finally break free from the patterns and recognize how much more you deserve.

It’s time to:

Accept life as it is.

Let go of resistance.

Allow miracles.

Live in Flow With Life.

The truth is we're all carrying around baggage from this life and past lives. Then one day, you become aware of the weight of these ancient emotions and wounds. You start to notice how heavy it's getting but you may not know how to actually set it all down.

This is why we need guides and teachings like this that show us the way. You can continue to do this work on your own, however, it will take longer. Investing in a program that has this transformation mapped out saves you time and energy. Being a part of this program also gives you the support you need to finally take a load off.

Those are the choices. You could stay exactly as you are, living with old fears and outdated beliefs. Or you can get out of your way once and for all with others doing the very same.

So, what's it going to be?

Meet Bonnie

Master Tracker Bonnie Serratore has expertly charted the unseen territories of our emotional and energetic bodies for decades.

Bonnie’s journey into her own unraveling and awakening led her to develop her life long mission of imparting higher wisdom teachings and energetic modalities to humanity, with the goal of accelerating the liberation of all mankind.

This led Bonnie to open her own company to teach and assist individuals in their own awakening and evolution into the New Paradigm.

What's Included...


Month Program


Calls with Bonnie

With Teachings +



Themed Workbooks

Full of Practical Exercises to

Make Integration Easy


Nurturing Community Working Beside You

Plus, Know Thyself students get Exclusive Deals on SA's other programs!

This isn't just an online course you buy and forget about. This is an immersive experience with hands-on support and group involvement.

Get Ready for Real Change.

Bonnie doesn’t only relay the teachings, she breaks them down and makes them relevant to your life. Together, with your new community, you’ll get to the root of long held suffering. Thus, creating real, lasting change.

The Investment:

One-Time Payment of


3 Monthly Payments of


The Classes:

First Class: Reactions Are About You

This is the foundational understanding necessary to move forward in unraveling the subconscious. You will not only learn but you will put into practice how to use your reactions to unravel deep pain, wounding, trauma, and shock. The ability to harness your reactions takes you into your subconscious. You can never know the subconscious through the thinking mind. It is only through surrender into yourself that you can access and unwind these hidden beliefs and emotions.

Second Class: The Blame Game

It's natural and perfectly normal to blame someone else when we are hurt by them. There are thousands of songs written about 'you hurt me,' or 'you left me,' and 'why are you doing this to me.' We point the finger outside of ourselves all the time. Others will blame us, too. In our consciousness, we feel correct when we say someone else hurt us and they're the reason for our suffering.

However, in the higher consciousness of the Soul's journey to wake up, we cannot keep perpetuating this type of unconscious drama. When we truly stop playing the blame game and take responsibility for our actions, deeds, and lives, the soul evolves. Learn how we can stop blaming and use our experience's for our Soul's evolution.

Third Class: There Are No Victims

When we understand these concepts, it is life changing. It takes a while for us to come out of the belief that we aren't victims yet it is true. We have been playing the victim/victimizer, like a broken record for eons of time. We have become so familiar with these feelings that these feelings feel like family. We all have a perverse pleasure in our suffering and have become attached to that suffering. It's time to wake up and realize that we have co created our own suffering in all of our lifetimes. We have been soul dancing with our soul family dancing to the same tune forever. When we stop being a victim, we stop tormenting others and we become responsible and accountable for our lives unlike ever before

Fourth Class: Beliefs, Beliefs, Beliefs

When you wake up to the truth that everything is a belief, you come out of the fog. It's like coming out of a dream state. When you spin stories in your mind and blindly believe them, you create a belief and if you pay attention you will see these stories never come to fruition. They are not real. This is different from our inner knowing. Everything from how we think, feel, and experience life to our cultures, religions, tribes, and ways of doing things, everything is a belief. It is not the Absolute. 

Fifth Class: Taking Things Personally

Yes, it really is all about you! Everything is about you.

You create your reality 100% from the misperceptions that you concluded based on immaturity and ego. All we can really know is our selves and our own reactions to the experiences we have. We are the center of our universe, we can only know our own universe, therefore everything is about us and we take almost everything personally. If someone has a bad day and says something hurtful, we take it personally. If they don't smile or give us a look, we take it personally. This taking personally is such a deep groove in our psyche that we now take and make everything personal. Even the situation in our current reality, we take it personally. We get butt hurt over little things. It's time to wake up!

Sixth Class: The Isness As It Is

What would life be like if you weren't finding fault in the world or in people? Or you weren't resisting your experiences or trying to override or dismiss your feelings? What most people do not actually understand is that there is a Divine Plan unfolding. That, "The Word Has Already Been Spoken." In our current state of affairs throughout the world, this is the revealing of the heartlessness, the ugliness and darkness that has to be revealed in order for the Light to Shine Forth. This is what the journey into The New Paradigm, The New World, The New Earth looks like. Whatever is not of love and light must be revealed. We cannot stop or control anything outside of ourselves. We can be at peace with what is. 

Seventh Class: Karma and Carry Over

Do you really understand that nothing in this lifetime started here or is new or different in your life experiences? That you have been doing the same behaviors, and feeling the same emotions for hundreds of lifetimes? We all are caught up in the I'll hurt you, then you'll hurt me, life is painful, life sucks, trauma and drama. Until we stop hurting others and other's hurting us, we will continue to live the same experiences that cause the same feelings and emotions. Don't you think it's time to finally be done with all this?

Discover how we keep doing the same kinds of lessons lifetime after lifetime and how to stop the insanity.

Eighth Class: Change Yourself, Change The World

What if the most important thing you can do to help the world is to actually help yourself?

Many of us know this concept yet we don't really put it into practice. We all tend to look out and see the suffering, the lack, the terror, the stress and worry that so many people are living. We want to help, we want to do what we can, we want to do our part. By realizing and understanding that everything is energy, by changing the frequency we echo out into the world, we create change. We cannot save anyone, we cannot make anyone make different choices, nor can we control anyone. Discover the ways in which you can take charge and really make a difference by healing your own deepest woundings and misperceptions of reality.

Ninth Class: The Core Wound Of Separation

Every being that ever was, is, and shall be has the Core Wound of the initial separation. That separation from the All That Is, Creation, Source, God, etc., is the angst that continues to plague humanity from the beginning of our souls' journey in a body. That wound began when we first became aware of our own awareness. When we woke up to the awareness of self, the first conclusion we made was the feeling of being separate.  We found ourselves seemingly alone so we made conclusions about why we were cast out, not wanted, which equates to not being loved. It's time to heal that wound and clear the misperceptions we made that have caused our suffering in every lifetime.

What to Expect:

This program consists of 9 monthly, three-hour classes held on the fourth Saturday of the month.

Each class will run from 9-12pm PT / 12-3pm ET / 5-8pm London.

There will be a lunch break, including several mini-breaks throughout.

You can log in via your smartphone or on your computer (computer is recommended).

Please make sure your mic and video are working properly.

**Class starts on June 24th but you can still join until August 26th with access to the first two recordings.

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